About Us

Our Mission

Traveling? Wondering where can my dog stay and be safe and comfortable? We want your dog to become part of our family. We have been caring for and boarding dogs in our home for 12 years. No strangers to meet each time. Three safe, fenced in acres to play and roam. No crates or cages or scary places to sleep at night. Your loved one stay with us and our family. 

How we work

/=We pick up and drop of from you, for your convenience in the Boston area at NO extra charge.

Hours for pick up and drop off are as follows:

9:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday

No pick up/drop off on Saturdays. This is our one day off. We are family owned with no employees so we may need a rest day. There IS however boarding on Saturdays,  just no appointments scheduled for pick up/drop off.

We offer Pick Up or Drop off from our location on Sundays.

Keys are not required although many clients give us keys for the ease of pick up/drop off from your home. While you are at work or have already left.